Health Conditions - Obesity

Health Conditions - Obesity

Overweight, Diets, and Stress Management

Many of Americans (67%) struggle with being overweight.  Being overweight falls into three clinical categories based on Body Mass Index (BMI) Overweight (25-29.99), Obese (30-39.99), and Morbidly Obese (40+).  Getting the right help depends on a combination of your condition and situation.

The usual treatments for weight issues include diets, exercise, or in the worst case surgery.  Unfortunately, the majority of weight loss diets have been shown to have little long term success and surgery comes with many risks.  What should you do?

There is an alternative.

At Simply Nutrition you will be given personalized treatment that meets YOUR needs.  We get ‘under the hood’ and look at the condition and the specifics of what is happening in your particular situation.  Unlike most diets and solutions, at Simply Nutrition we do things like: take into consideration incorporating the food you like to eat.  Why?  Because if you don’t like the diet, you won’t stick to it!

Here’s what we do different to help you:

EBT does this for you – addresses the emotions around eating
SHAPEDOWN – Program specifically helps kids/teens in a family setting
Solution for Weight – Individualized plan for weight loss

Learn more by reading a Nutrition Fact Sheet about these conditions.