Health Conditions - Diabetes

Health Conditions - Diabetes

Diabetes and Diet

Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diabetes or gestational diabetes or continuing to struggle with any of these conditions?  Are you wondering what you can do to help get those blood sugar readings under control or are you tired of taking medications?

With a properly designed diabetic diet you have the ability to better control your condition and quite possibly reduce your dependency on the medications.  You can gain control over your condition and your life.


As you know getting a diagnosis of diabetes can be scary, overwhelming, and deciding where to get help can be confusing.  Simply Nutrition helps you gain control by providing you emotional support through developing daily menus that fit your lifestyle.  Your concerns will be addressed on a personal level.  You will not just be given some diabetic diet fact sheet or booklet but will be given a personalized dietary intervention plan with follow up counseling.

Managing diabetes is stressful, and blood sugar highs and lows associated with diabetes add to that stress.  Most diabetics struggle with being overweight, and the root of that is stress.  At Simply Nutrition “The Solution For Weight” helps with weight issues.  Since food is so integral to our society, often times there are emotional issues surrounding how we eat.

Learn more about emotions around food here.

"I am so happy that I finally understand the role of diet and exercise on my diabetes and know how to plan menus myself.  Thanks Dru"  Jennifer, Ft. Collins.

Click here for FREE information from the American Diabetes Asociation about what a proper diabetic dietary intervention looks like and how I can help you succeed in taking control over your condition.