Meet Dru Ledder, M.S., R.D.

Meet Dru Ledder, M.S., R.D.

Hi! I am Dru Ledder, M.S., R.D., and I have been a registered dietitian for over twenty years and am the owner of Simply Nutrition.   As a registered dietitian, I use Medical Nutrition Therapy in the intervention of chronic illnesses and other health conditions.   Medical Nutrition Therapy is defined as the use of specific nutrition services to address an illness or a disease.   This process involves, first the assessment of nutritional status followed by the evidence based treatment.


Presently, besides seeing individual clients, I am an adjunct professor at Kaplan University in their Nutrition Science Department and have received the prestigious “Star Award for Teaching”.  Additionally, I am a teacher at Front Range Community College (FRCC) and Colorado Community College Online, and I am a consultant dietitian for agencies that offer services for:  complimentary cancer treatment, assisted living, home care health, and Hospice.


My education has been in both psychology and nutrition.  I received my BA in Psychology from West Virginia University and a MS in Nutrition and Food Science from Colorado State University.  Presently, I am a certified “Shapedown” Provider as well as an “Emotional Brain Trainer/Solution For Weight” Provider.

Dru Ledder, M.S.,R.D.

Dru meeting with client

Over the years, I have used Medical Nutrition Therapy in the intervention of chronic illnesses and other health conditions.  If you are suffering from a chronic health condition and are looking for reliable nutrition information from a trusted nutrition expert you are at the right place.


What type of problem are you facing right now?


Are you overweight and wanting some help with new ideas or are you looking for the right diet for a specific health concern? 


I can help you develop the right dietary intervention for your unique situation. 


Please contact me so we can start a program that is right for you.